Top 5 Spas in Kerala India

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With traveling and leisure comes several activities that excite and tire the human system. Kerala, most probably worth being among the “Paradises of the world” is one of the most popular destinations of tour and relaxation. Being located conspicuously at the Malabar coast, South of India gives it great weather variations and climatic changes. From the annual snake boat races to mountain climbing activities.

Wildlife lovers to several beach activities and getting skin ton definitely sends you on a hunt for a humble, serene or is it luxurious place to get you pampered and have the body,soul and the mind revivify. All the excess toxins accumulated, ease of blood flow in the stream, pain management from fatigue and straining, advise on nutrition and so forth. Below are a few places that without a doubt will give you the opulent luxury with a traditional twist only in Kerala.

The Maya Spa

Located at Kumarakom in Kerala. This definitely tops the list with a number of elegant and out of the world spa treatments. The equipment is great and of variety. Gymnasium, water therapy like sauna and plunge pools with which comes hydrotherapy. To add on, they offer westernized treatments: massages, treatment of the skin, the famous Japanese shiatsu and even reflexology and yoga. To mention just a few, there’s also a variety of cuisine and relaxation sports to free the mind and soul.

Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village

As the name suggests it is indeed a healing village, not only are you healed but also learn and get educated on how to heal yourself for later. Besides every spa activities, this specific one has long term benefits from their rare combination of concocted oils naturally found in the forests around and known only to them. Their cleanses leave you naturally revitalized and the healed. Also, it is called a village because from the activities on going it is among the best centers of wellness in the world.

Banasura Hill Resort Spa

Number three is definitely the Banasura Hill Resort Spa. Being at the top is great, and greater when deep in the middle of forests in Waynad. Banasura offers a sprinkler of exotic, rare and pure herbs and oils with their expert masseurs. To work the mind body and soul too is the Ayurveda for a new experience. Fourth, Le Pondy, Joy’s Spa, beautifully located in Pondicherry town. Full body literally head down to toe resuscitating cleanses, soothing massages and a whole lot of timeless therapy.

Thai Spa

Finally let’s take a trip to Thailand. The rare and very luxurious Thai Spa. You wouldn’t resist that together with the lemon grass oozing its aroma in the space. inhale healthy exhale healthy, with certified five star facilities, unique professionalism and therapeutic hands. In Hyderabad release all the tension and let your mind body and soul go at Golkonda Resorts and Spa. General body and mind wellness all come from consistency in exercising, picking the right foods, sometime to relax and free yourself and good sleep. This are a few reasons why best spas exist. The experts.

10 Best Outdoor Vacation Activities in Kerala India

Looking to enjoy the great outdoors in Kerala India? Here’s a list of the top 10 outdoor activities that every outdoorsman should checkout.

1. Periyar National Park

Offers an array of wildlife from a tiger reserve to a boating trip on the Periyar Lake. Come on, who doesn’t like tigers? The tiger reserve is found in the Cardamom Hills and Pandalam Hills. Be sure to check out their website for what to bring, when to visit, and more information about the tigers.

2. Poocar Island Resort

Numerous outdoor activities can be found here, such as: Bird watching, motor boat cruises, beaches, pools, and excursions. You can even book your lodging here. This is a great place for a family stay. You can also find kiddie pools, volleyball, and yoga classes.

3. Marari Beach

Looking to relax while enjoying the great outdoors? Marai beach is found in the heart of a small fishing village. Features a canal leading to the Arabian Sea. This is the perfect beach to escape the hustle and bustle of the tourist attractions.

4. Beypore Beach

Another great beach option if your looking to hang out with friends and family. This location is a tourist attraction so expect to see more people than Marari Beach.

Address: Beypore – Kozhikode Rd, Beypore, Kerala 673015, India

No website available

5. Kerala Geographic Adventures

Offers an array of outdoor activities including; wildlife safaris, birding tours, heritage tours, photography tours, and a pampadumchola camp. A great place to immerse yourself in the culture of India.

6. Tahr Mountain Camp

This camp site offers something for everyone. From senior citizen walks to single day treks. Feeling more adventurous? Check out the multiple day treks. They also offer farm living packages.

7. Eco Trails Kerala

Definitely a must see! Eco Trails offers multiple lodging options, rivers, beaches, and houseboats. A dream outdoor exploration for the avid boater or water lover.

8. Mountain Trail

This place is for everyone! Even those new to the great outdoors. Mountain Trail offers a wide range of activities such as; rock climbing, paragliding and scenic view points. Lodging is also offered here.

9. Temple Tree Escapes

Another great option for camping, and birding tours. Also found here are cycling, hiking, and kayaking. You are provided with all the safety measures associated with kayaks here. Bird watchers can watch from their kayak here for an enjoyable experience of both sea and land. 

10. Scuba Cochin

A little different than the rest but definitely a great experience! Suba Cochin offers PADI certifications, diving in the quarry, kayaking, snorkeling, banana rides, and even custom charters. Great for the water lovers! The quarry is 8 acres wide and 120 feet deep. You are sure to see some epic sea creatures here. They also have a dive shop for all of your diving gear

As you can see Kerala has a lot to offer. Everyone can find something amazing to do here; no matter your fitness level, age, or your love for the outdoors. So get out there and enjoy the outdoors and make some memories. Be sure to check out times and blackout dates for the activities listed above.

Mumbai, India – Where To Go And What To Do

The largest and most populous city in India has shown its determination to be recognized in the flourishing global travel industry, as it live through the dreadful terrorist attack in 2008 and still goes on to entice more tourists every year. Situated at the western part of the south Asian country, Mumbai offers travelers perfect sunny weather, spectacular views, and the rich well-preserved culture of India. With a history dating back to pre-colonial times and having strong Portuguese, British, Spanish and other influences, the city is a feast for the senses, furnishing visitors an array of extravagant activities and places they can experience. Here are some of the enticing activities in India’s metropolis that you may want to know, since you may be one of the thousands of tourists who wish to set foot on the country to witness a new kind of Asian experience.


Once you reach the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, you have numerous options on where to ride going to your hotel or rented flat. Some hotels would offer a free ride service but others can choose from among a cab, a rickshaw, a bus, or the local train. But in order to genuinely enjoy the sight of Mumbai, ride a rickshaw. A popular ride in India, the rickshaw is a three-wheeler motorcycle wherein passengers not more than three can ride in the back part while the driver sits up front. Not only is it regarded as the quickest ride going around the city, but it is the most affordable too.

NOTE: Inform the drivers that you are a tourist, in this manner; they will try to slow down the ride so you can take images and some drivers would even be generous to be your private tourist guide. Just be sure to tip the worthy. Take advantage of the picturesque surroundings. Taking a camera with you when traveling is a general rule of thumb, as well as visiting the iconic landmarks of your destination, where you are going to use the camera you bring. In the afternoon, the very best sunset view can be seen at the Queen’s Necklace, now known as Marine Drive. This bay was constructed in 1920 during the British colonization and now, this became the best spot for couples getting romantically cozy while viewing the sunset in the sea breeze.

Discover: Don’t be petrified of rumored crimes and terrorist attacks in the city. Although taking necessary safety measures won’t do you any harm, it’s important to know that not all the bad talks about the city are true. So don’t be afraid to explore. Ask a local to take you around the more not-visited places around the city and see for yourself how residents live their day-to-day lives. Go to Bollywood or visit the Mumbadevi Temple in the Bhuleshwar area of South Mumbai. Popular due to its magical urban story, this place was believed to be built by the bare hands of Mumbaraka’s, a sadistic giant who often raided the area.


When travelling to a foreign land, your vacation wouldn’t be whole without trying their native dishes and special treats. Although it is not suggested to eat them quickly to prevent experiencing stomach pains, on your second day, try Indian foods from local restaurants. With a variety of spices to offer, there is virtually an endless assortment of flavors to choose from. The best kebabs and curries can be found here; a perfect mix of sweet and spicy that any guest’s tongue will truly savor. But take note, when purchasing drinking water in any part of India; always go for a bottled and sealed one. Water-borne diseases are still widespread all over the country, so it’s better to be careful.


Bollywood movies explain it all. India is a destination for dancing and singing. And what is the best way to end your day at a foreign city, than to loosen up and have a drink at the local clubs and bars? Offering vacationers the best beers and liquors, a wide range of flavored hookahs, ample dance floors, and endless rythms that will stomp your feet; the nightlife in Mumbai is the best on its vineyard. In each portion of the city, you can see local clubs and bars serving any type of guest.

One of the good party destinations is the Blue Frog Club in Lower Parel. Running six nights a week, the club serves all genres of music and live performances from international and local artists and DJs. If you’re in the mood for a more intimate yet energetic drinking spot, head over to the first gastro-bar in Andheri West, , Kino 108. The club offers mouthwatering world cuisines from all over the world like the Mediterranean, Thailand, Italy, The Americas, and Asia. It also plays retro-rock music along with cocktails that are sure to make anyone’s night come alive.